Personalized care from Doctors of Physical TherapyWe are not an ordinary Physical Therapy clinic. We believe in changing your life.


We are driven by the desire to make a positive impact, both personally and therapeutically, on every person who enters our office.


You will experience pain relief, improved motion and a greater quality of life. Our approach is friendly, evidence-based and innovative and our Doctors of Physical Therapy have the most specialized training in treating your body. You will get direct attention and hands-on treatment from your Physical Therapist during every visit. You will be an active participant in the treatments and become educated about your body, so you will better know how to manage your condition in the long run.

We have an established reputation both locally and nationally.  We have been voted one of the Top 4 PT Practices in the Nation by Advance Magazine (2012) and named a “Best Practice” by PT Products Magazine (2012).  We have also been voted the “Best Physical Therapy Practice in Montgomery County, PA,” multiple times; and owner, Dr. Desirea D. Caucci, PT, DPT, has been named one of the top three Physical Therapists in the nation by Advance Magazine (2008). She was also honored as the national winner of the Dorland Health People Award for Physical Therapy (2010). In 2010, we created a breakthrough iPad application for pain prevention, “Motion Doctor“, that climbed to the number two ranked medical app on iTunes and was selected as an iTunes “staff favorite.”


We look forward to getting to know you, helping you achieve results and becoming your lifelong Physical Therapist.



Our Physical Therapists are experienced with treating the following diagnoses:
Arthritis | Back pain | Balance dysfunction | Bursitis | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Chronic pain | Dizziness | Dislocations | Fibromyalgia | Fractures | Hand injuries | Headaches | Herniated discs | Incontinence | Knee injuries | Neck pain | Osteoporosis | Pelvic pain | Plantarfasciitis | Posture
| Rotator Cuff injuries | Sports injuries | Strokes | Musculoskeletal disorders | Sprains | Tendonitis | Walking dysfunction


We are a Direct Access licensed facility which allows us to treat you without a prescription from a Physician for up to 30 days.


Hours of Operation:

Monday/Thursday: 7am – 8pm, Friday: 7am – 4pm