Our Story

We believe in making a positive impact, both personally and therapeutically, on every person who enters our office.  We come to work everyday with the excitement to meet people, learn about them and hopefully change their lives.

We truly believe in the power of good Physical Therapy for both healing and pain prevention.  We want to make you a believer in Physical Therapy and it’s ability to change your life.

Please feel free to contact anyone on our staff if you have any questions.

Why work with Us

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy have the most specialized training to relieve pain and improve motion.  They will educate you on your body.
Our Approach
It’s personal and therapeutic.  We want to be the most valuable and enjoyable experience you ever have in a healthcare facility.
We are committed to providing cutting edge services that will help you prevent injuries and improve the quality of your life.

New Patients

To schedule an appointment:

1.  Call our office at 610-828-7595.

  • At that time we can schedule you for an initial evaluation.
  • We will also verify the coverage of your health insurance plan or arrange out of  pocket payment.
  • We are a Direct Access licensed facility so you do not need a Physician’s prescription until after your first 30 days of treatment.

2.  Print the New Patient Forms and bring them to your first visit.   This will allow us to better serve you.

3.  If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.