Vestibular Therapy Creating Life Changing Results

running blog At Conshohocken Physical Therapy, our vestibular specialist, Meghan Lass, PT, DPT is creating individualized treatment plans for her vestibular patients and they are benefiting from the life changing results. Research has shown that medications that suppress vestibular functioning are encouraged to be...
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Pets: Good for our Health

running blog Do you own a pet? If you do have a dog, cat, bird, fish, snake, gerbil or whatever else you might consider a pet, you already know they bring you much happiness. Did you know that Fido might also be improving your...
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Achieving Great Results with Pediatric Patients

running blog Physical Therapy is often recommended for children who have an injury or movement impairment resulting from an accident, illness or disability. Like all of our patients, our priority is to decrease pain and enable them return to their daily activities in a prompt, safe...
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