What Does Physical Therapy Even Mean?

WorldPTDay Probably a lot more than you might think. Most people think of Physical Therapy (PT) as a service limited to treat people with serious injuries, after surgery or to perform massage. While these certainly comprise a portion of the services we provide, our scope of...
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Coffee: Friend or Foe?

WorldPTDay As I sit here sipping my morning cup of Java, as I do just about daily since picking up the habit in college, I decided to look up some new information regarding the effects of coffee on our bodies. We hear conflicted advice about its...
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Vestibular Therapy Creating Life Changing Results

running blog At Conshohocken Physical Therapy, our vestibular specialist, Meghan Lass, PT, DPT, is creating individualized treatment plans for her vestibular patients and they are benefiting from the life changing results. Research has shown that medications that suppress vestibular functioning are encouraged to be...
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