Osteoarthritis Outcomes Improved With Physical Therapy

osteoarthritisblog We all have met “Arthur”, a.k.a. “Arthritis” at some point.  We hear about him almost daily.  We see the commercial advertisements for “arthritis sufferers;” we see and take over the counter medications to relieve “arthritis pain;” we hear people saying “my arthritis is worse in bad weather”...
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Managing, Treating and Avoiding Back Pain

dartblog A strong and well-aligned spine is key to improving performance with sports, recreation, work and home activities. A repeating theme that keeps arising in discussing injury prevention is the need to balance muscle strength and flexibility in all planes (anterior, posterior and sides). A strong and well-aligned...
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Now Offering Dartfish Video Analysis

dartblog Dartfish video analysis is an extensive computerized slow-motion video analysis of your gait. As Physical Therapists, our eyes are trained to spot movement dysfunctions and bio-mechanical deviations from the time our patients walk in the door, sit in the waiting room and throughout our examinations.  We can...
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